Fruits of Chaos by RyoAce / © Some rights reserved.


All that I ask
you will with hold.
It’s your nature
to deny me. I’m
aware of this
Asking less of you
than predecessors,
teachers, friends.
You have my
full attention
like brilliant sun
light looming
large in dark skies.
Hero and villain,
the lead character
in the story
that wasn’t
really. Anything
can happen, but
won’t. I
am aware
of this



March 2011 





Fruits of Chaos by RyoAce / © Some rights reserved at http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/onblack.php?id=3335273109&size=large

Prayers for Japan


I have spent the last few days watching the situation in Japan like most other people in the world. It is a horrible, unthinkable disaster of Biblical proportions.

The loss of life, property damage, and overall destruction to the country of Japan is more than we can truly understand or conceptualize at this point. What can be said in the face of such horror? Truthfully, very little. All we can do is pray, offer our condolences and blessings, and provide whatever financial and humanitarian assistance is needed.

The New York Times provides satellite imagery of before and after in Japan. These pictures leave one speechless and stunned to the point of meditative grief.

I have nothing new to add to this situation. I simply want to join the chorus of voices that are praying for the people and the country of Japan.


The New York Times slides can be viewed here.


Meeting with Craig Stoxen, CEO/President of the SC Autism Society - William's Garden

I'm very pleased to be working with John Winright. He's a wonderfully giving person. He and his wife, Marilyn, have started a local program (in Upstate SC) for autistic children and their families. A wonderful effort that is deeply needed in our community.

For more information, to read their blog, or to contribute:


Meeting with Craig Stoxen, CEO/President of the SC Autism Society - William's Garden
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