the type of man sex came to possess

~for MG
I thought of sex
when I first met you –
deep strides, dapper dress,
piercing eyes –
it all resonated, a chill shiver
down the depth of me &
warmth spreading deeper
with my crimson thoughts
because you are the type of man
sex came to possess,
own — carry
into closed rooms, silk beds.
The glass of wine
sparkling amber, glass bubbles
move in the glass,
the world rattles on around us
while your words fall
on the table between us
and then,
I am stunned
by the words, their rich
deep colors, meanings
moving into an acid-like Trip
in my brain. Stunned!
You have amazed me!
My words turn
around, crawl back down
into the velvet parts of me

as I realize
what you don’t -
I am too naive for this
conversation. Too distracted
with the thought of undressing
you to understand beyond lust.
Why do your words
keep spilling down, around, rolling
across the table, tumbling
to the floor
to lay like marbles
on the gleaming wood?
~April 2012 

from this invisible room

Last one standing
out of all those masses

that failed the tests
weren’t tough enough
for the mind-games,
were too strong to stay
through the mind-games
that I survived, endured.
Sitting alone in a hotel room,
over a thousand miles from home.
A hard-won victory dissipating
into a stark aloneness, cold
mirrored futility –
an old much-used bed,
fake art-deco reproduction,
mauve carpet, 70′s flower
printed curtains –
a train rattles by on the track
across the road
from this invisible room
in someone else’s world.
All the gypsies
packed and gone by noon
after knocks on the door and
“goodbyes” and “see ya’s” yelled
on the way to their cars.
I am leaving tomorrow
but for good (I think) on
to another band of gypsies –
Simple rules, no confusion.
No mind games to win
or lose — no awards
were given anyway. Was
it even a win? How to know?
~2008 in Pryor, Oklahoma